My wife sent me some of the Salsa because I love your products. So here I sit, in Iraq, enjoying some datil pepper salsa! Delicious!
 – Chad Kutlik

I just have to tell you, the Minorcan Datil Pepper Garlic Mayonnaise is to die for!!!! What a difference from the stuff we get in the grocery store. So fresh, creamy and just lovely.  Wow!

– Sian

We just wanted to let you know we have thoroughly enjoyed your products. Over the years I have purchased datil pepper products from many different companies and, by far, yours is the BEST! I hope and pray you never adjust the quality. We tried your BBQ and datil spice, too. Both are fantastic. And, of course, extra-hot sauce remains GREAT! Again, thanks for making such a FANTASTIC product!

– Richard & Cathy Bramlitt

I just wanted to write to let you all know how much I appreciate your products. I found one of your products (vinegar) a few years ago when I was visiting St. Augustine. I am a big fan of collard greens and I think your vinegar enhances their taste wonderfully.

Since then I have tried every product in your catalogue. I have found all of them to be excellent. I am even growing datil peppers with the seeds you guys sold me.

Your hot sauce has really made a difference in my life. Early this year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor strongly suggested I reduce my sodium intake. Without salt my meals began to taste like mildly flavored cardboard. I craved the taste of salt continuously and it was becoming difficult to stick to my diet. One day I decided to substitute your hot sauce in my main dishes. The blending, complexity and depth of taste of your product added a whole new dimension. Many recipes tasted better than they ever did, particularly soups, stews, sauces and meats.

After awhile I simply did not desire the taste of salt. As an added bonus I went from 254 to 230 pounds! Thank you all very much. Pubg Mobile
– Jeff Trotta